About Us

Jillian Walsh, RD, RP(Q)

Jillian is the founder and Lead Dietitian at Change Creates Change Eating Disorder Care, a private practice that provides services to children and youth affected by an eating disorder, as well as their families.

Aimee Tyler-Smith, RD, BEd

Aimee is the founder and Lead Dietitian at The Nest: Nutrition for Mama and Baby, a private practice that supports mamas throughout their pregnancy journey.

Our Methodology

Our training brings together traditional learning and real-world experience so that you can learn how to build a successful private practice, just as we have! The program we have created for you rests on these three pillars:

Laying a strong knowledge foundation of entrepreneurship
Creating a strong community of like-minded professionals
Fostering self-confidence to crowd out imposter syndrome

Our work is influenced by the teachings of Brene Brown, Rick Hanson and Kristin Neff and focuses on resilience and self-compassion. We also integrate the entrepreneurial teachings of Donald Miller, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, and Kelly Diels. We are grateful to Stephanie Clairmont and the Leveraged Practice community for accelerating our own learnings and growth as we built this program for you all!

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